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            “Author Archive”
            Stories written by Site Admin

            Pacific Crest, Blue Devils Collaborate On December Auditions

            Pacific Crest Youth Arts Organization (PCYAO) and BD Performing Arts (BDPA) will present a weekend of clinics and auditions this December in Southern California. Presented by System Blue (a division of BDPA), the Pacific Crest and Blue Devils Experience Camp/Auditions takes place at Diamond Bar High School in Diamond Bar, California. The camp begins at 9 am […]

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            Pacific Crest Announces Creative Team Restructure

            The season ends, the members go back to their lives, and corps around the nation begin planning for the next season. This year’s “off-season” is a particularly busy one for Pacific Crest. After nearly 20 years of dedicated leadership, Dale Leaman has stepped down as Program Coordinator & Director of Education Programs. This is a significant change, […]

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            Book Review – “Space Music”

            Jack Meehan is a true drum corps renaissance man. From his initial exposure to the activity while growing up in the Burroughs of New York City to his long time association with the Concord Blue Devils, Meehan has always strived to better himself, his family, and his students, both within and outside the drum corps […]

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            DCI.org Posts Phantom Regiment, Southwind Performance Video Clips

            Drum Corps International’s web site (www.dci.org) has posted video clips from the June 24 performances in Lisle, IL. Click here to view clips from Phantom Regiment’s "On Air" program. Click here to view clips from Southwind’s "InTheLoop" program.

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            DCI Releases Lisle, IL Video Montage

            The Drum Corps International website (www.dci.org) has posted a video montage from the June show in Lisle, IL. You can view the video here.

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            Blue Devils Regain Control of West Coast Competition

            Drum corps fans filled stadiums across the West Coast this weekend as shows in Riverside and Walnut, Cailf. and Glendale, Ariz. put the Blue Devils (79.750) back ahead of the Santa Clara Vanguard (77.900). The two corps have been going head-to-head since the beginning of summer with the Blue Devils winning four of their past […]

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            These are not your Father’s Marching Bands

            The booming of bass drums and soaring melodies of horns will fill the stadium at Westminster High School Friday. Instead of appearing as half-time entertainment, the musicians in uniform – considered the young superstars of the marching world – will be the main attraction, as they participate in Music in Motion, a drum corps show. […]

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            Excitement Builds as Third ‘Titan’ is Added to DCI Central Illinois Lineup

            The Cavaliers will head to Central Illinois next weekend to defend their 广西快3开奖结果 turf, as the corps has just been added to the competitive lineup of the DCI Central Illinois event in Normal, Ill. on June 29. Currently holding the highest score of the 2007 Summer Music Games Tour to date, this showdown is certain […]

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            Phantom Regiment Keeps Bluecoats Behind Bars

            Phantom Regiment (79.70) took no prisoners tonight with a performance that blew audiences and the competition away at the DCI Chicagoland major event in Lisle, Ill. The corps remained victorious against the Bluecoats (78.20), Madison Scouts (65.05), Southwind (63.55), and Pioneer (57.15) in a show that left fans standing after every performance. This was the […]

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            DCI Salutes America Performance Montage

            Music from Carolina Crown’s 2007 production, "Triple Crown," is featured in this performance montage from the DCI Salutes America event on June 16 in Annapolis, Md. You can read the rest of the article (and view the video) here.

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