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            “Author Archive”
            Stories written by News Editor

            Help Blue Knights March On To 2021

            Events we could never imagine, until it became real. This was a devastating blow to our members AND to the financial stability of Ascend Performing Arts. All major funding sources such as Drums Along the Rockies, performance fees, and Bingo games have been canceled or suspended (learn more about how Ascend is responding to this […]

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            广西快3开奖结果 DCA Tour Cancellation Corps Announcements

            As with the DCI corps, we are compiling the 广西快3开奖结果 Drum Corps Associates tour cancellation announcements into a single article for easy access and reference.

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            Cancellation Of Drum Corps Associates 广西快3开奖结果 Season

            It is with great sadness that Drum Corps Associates has made the difficult decision to cancel its upcoming 广西快3开奖结果 season. The events worldwide with the COVID-19 crisis have impacted our strategic partners both at Winter Guard International as well as Drum Corps International, forcing cancellations for both of their organizations. DCA must be responsible for […]

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            广西快3开奖结果 DCI Tour Cancellation Corps Announcements

            With the cancellation of the 广西快3开奖结果 Drum Corps International tour, many member corps have posted their own announcements and information specific to their organizations. Instead of posting each one individually, Drum Corps Planet has collated them in this post for easy reference.

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            Field Band Foundation COVID-19 Communique

            The Field Band Foundation is completely and proudly aligned to the principles and intentions of the President’s call for a lock-down from tonight until 16 April. The primary focus of our preparations has been the securing of our assets: our young community project leaders who are the agents of change in their communities. Read the […]

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            Member Corps Vote To Cancel 广西快3开奖结果 DCI Tour

            We know this is a difficult time for everyone as we all respond to the COVID-19 crisis. The events worldwide have impacted Drum Corps International as well, forcing cancellation of the 广西快3开奖结果 Summer Tour as of Wednesday, March 25. DCI’s voting membership unanimously reached the difficult decision with great regret after thorough evaluation of numerous […]

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            Marching Roundtable 881: DCI Rewatch- 1996 Blue Devils

            That first impact! John Bogenschutz and Nick Little discuss “Club Blue: A Gangster Chronicle.” You can listen to us below, or if you want to take us with you, you can download us from iTunes. Read the rest of the article here.

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            White Sabers March 23 Update: COVID-19

            Dear White Sabers members, staff, friends, family, and the drum corps community, The COVID-19 situation in NYS, and around the world, has put us all into unprecedented and uncertain times. There are so many questions and few answers at this point in time as we all navigate our own professional, economical, and personal lives. The […]

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            Coronavirus Update (March 23) By Drum Corps Associates

            On Sunday, March 22, the Board of Drum Corps Associates held an emergency conference call with all their member corps directors to discuss the ongoing concerns and impact of the Coronavirus on its member corps as well as the entire DCA community. The corps directors shared their concerns, challenges and options as it relates to its members, staff and […]

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            In The News – A Marching Band In Quarantine

            Michelle Ho, an industrial design major at SF State, is one of many students who have been asked to leave their on campus apartment by school administration. SF State’s campus has been effectively shut down due to the COVID-19 outbreak, and the school has canceled all events, many of which Michelle was supposed to perform […]

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