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            广西快3开奖结果 » Cozy’s Corpsdom You are browsing entries filed in “Cozy’s Corpsdom”

            Cozy’s Corpsdom ~ Clogging or drum corps?

            Rolling into Murfreesboro, the choices were to continue staight on East Main under the banner prompting one to attend Uncle Dave Mason Days with clogging and buck dancing or turn on Middle Tennessee Blvd. for…"Are you ready for some drum corps?!" Actually, Todd Tanji's pal, John Donovan, and I continued on through town for Lebanon […]

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            Cozy’s Corpsdom ~ We Hang Artists Here

            Strolling into the local coffee shop by Lake Corpsdom, I noticed the familiar gaggle of pool sharks in the back beyond the poker tables. Too early for a slaw burger, I order my black goo. As I take it straight, no chaser, sans sucar o leche, I don't have to worry about how they would […]

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            Cozy’s Corpsdom ~ Meet Me at the Oasis

            When Steve "Hairbear" Masters retired from drum corps after the '99 season with the Racine Kilties, he traded in his ol' mini-van for a Corvette (not a CorpsVet). Master's logic: "If I have a 'Vette, I'm truly done with all the long corps commutes." Last week, Masters planned to rent a mini-van to haul percussion […]

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            Cozy’s Corpsdom ~ Rolling Aught Sevens

            Hereabouts on Lake Corpsdom, watching all the jedi skis 'n bass boats, I recall that last year on Memorial Day weekend, I was working a drum corps fundraiser in charming Charlotte, NC. I worked in the 广西快3开奖结果 Depot suite, which went nuts when Tony Stewart won both days. This year, not working for the CorpsVets […]

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            Cozy’s Corpsdom – Pontificating Pooh-Bahs ‘n Peers

            “I love drum corps. It is so much more real than life.“ ~ Apologies to Oscar Wilde Lee Rudnicki pontificated like Pooh-Bah in "The Mikado," a Gilbert & Sullivan operetta. Way to shake up the napping natives, Rudnicki, in your recent DCP thread regarding DCAssociates. Thanks for specifically stating you were not addressing President Gil […]

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            Cozy’s Corpsdom – Looming Past…Future Zooming

            "To be a successful soldier you must know history…Weapons change but man who uses them changes not at all." ~ General George S. Patton, June 6, 1944, in a letter to his son, Cadet George S. Patton IV Dabble at Googling some of the “ancient” corpsdom history below, and you will likely find soupcon. The […]

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            AZ Academy Ex. Dir. Mark Richardson Interview

            At the Newbury Park, CA, DCInternational show last July, one fan, at the end of Arizona Academy's stupendous performance, yelled, "Line up now for your rings!" From the edge of my seat, I wrote then that the fan was indeed predicting correctly…Yes, Arizona Academy members did earn rings as the Division II champs in Madison […]

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            Cadets Director George Hopkins Interview

            George Hopkins has been one of the most influential leaders in corpsdom for decades as the leader of The Cadets. I had the fortune to tour with their phenomenal Western show in 1996 for the last four weeks, experiencing the Olympics Closer in Atlanta, watched by over 1-1/2 billion viewers, and "The Tie" in Orlando, involving […]

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            Pacific Crest Exec. Dir. Stuart Pompel Interview

            Stuart Pompel and Program Coordinator Dale Leaman are leading Pacific Crest into a 2007 touring season that will end near 广西快3开奖结果 at the DCInternational Championships in Pasadena in August. Pompel is the executive director of this fine Division I corps that will feature the show "What Happens in Vegas…." During the DCInternational meetings in Atlanta […]

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            Cozy’s Corpsdom – Brass Shop treks 28,000 miles

            Similar to the television commercial comparing the Mac to the PC, corpsdom's "P.C.," Paul Collins, is the guy who has been around many years, no fancy bells and whistles, but a guy who just gives and gives to so many drum corps. Does he charge for his repairs? Of course, but Collins' prices are typically […]

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