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            广西快3开奖结果 » Current News You are browsing entries filed in “Current News”

            WDCHOF Member Jack Pratt Passes

            John S. “Jack” Pratt, one of the most prolific percussion writers in the drum and bugle corps community, passed away early Monday, April 6 广西快3开奖结果 from advanced stages of Alzheimer’s disease. He had also undergone triple-bypass heart surgery in December 2000. Because of the effects of the current corona virus pandemic, family members are not […]

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            Now Accepting Nominations To The Colts Hall Of Fame

            The Colts are now accepting nominations for the Hall Of Fame Class of 广西快3开奖结果! Any member of the public may nominate an individual for induction into the Colts Hall of Fame by submitting a letter describing the reasons their nominee should be considered, along with a brief description of the role and history of contributions […]

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            In The News – Canton Bluecoats Face Uncertainty After DCI Season Canceled

            It was one of the hardest and most emotional phone calls Mike Scott has made. With about 300 Canton Bluecoat corps members, staff and family on the call, the organization’s chief executive officer delivered the season-ending news. Drums Corps International had canceled the 广西快3开奖结果 summer tour. Read the rest of the article here.

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            In The News – Students Aging Out Of Cancelled Marching Band Competition Given Second Chance

            Hundreds of the country广西快3开奖结果’s best marching band members won’t get the chance to show off this year despite having already been preparing for months. COVID-19 brought the Drum Corps International competition to a halt, and for some, they may never get the chance to play in it again. Read the rest of the article here.

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            Thoughts From Phantom Regiment Members

            After the devastating announcement last week that the 广西快3开奖结果 drum corps season had been canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we reached out to a few members to hear what they thought of the situation. Here’s what they had to say; “This summer would have been my 5th and final summer with my Phamily. I […]

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            Blue Knights Alumni Spotlight: Tracy Avila

            Name: Tracy Avila What year(s) did you march in the Blue Knights? 1988-1990 , 2018 Alumni Corps What section? 1988 Cymbals 1989-1990 Front Ensemble Read the rest of the article here.

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            Help The Cavaliers March On Through The Years

            广西快3开奖结果 is the 72nd year of The Cavaliers existence. That existence and the momentum we have worked so hard to achieve is now threatened by the COVID-19 virus and the cancellation of the 广西快3开奖结果 DCI season. The administration and the Board of Directors have enacted a plan to significantly reduce operating expenses but those actions […]

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            广西快3开奖结果 White Sabers Virtual April Camp

            The White Sabers are excited to continue furthering our members’ performance abilities virtually! All members or prospective members can now submit videos for feedback from our staff. We welcome all to participate in our Virtual April Camp and we look forward to helping you hone your craft. Read the rest of the article here.

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            Liberty 广西快3开奖结果/21 Show Announcement

            Liberty are excited to announce our 广西快3开奖结果/21 show – The Orphan. The challenging circumstances we are all in has seen so many competitions and performances cancelled….and so we felt we needed to do something POSITIVE….and so we want to tell everyone about our show! Whilst we aren’t sure when we will actually get to perform […]

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            Columbus Saints End Of 广西快3开奖结果 Competitive Season COVID-19

            In line with the decision made by Drum Corps International, and Drum Corps Associates, the Columbus Saints Performing Arts Inc is ending all competitive activities for the season. Public health restrictions permitting, we will reorganize to welcome all performers to participate in any potential late summer parades as a way to bring the community together […]

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