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            广西快3开奖结果 » Drum Corps Europe You are browsing entries filed in “Drum Corps Europe”

            No European Music Games Finals In 广西快3开奖结果

            The DCE team has worked with great pleasure on the future of drum corps in Europe the last couple of years. We did that together with the participating drum corps, partners, sponsors, stadium management and fans. We’re very grateful for that.

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            2019 DCE Live Webcast

            This year Drum Corps Europe will again broadcast a live webcast. More information and details about this will be published soon on: www.drumcorpseurope.org/live-webcast/ Drum Corps Europe owes a big thank you to the former Video Vault team that work so hard and accomplished so much. DCE regrets the fact that the joint venture that the […]

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            Very Exciting Competition At 2019 DCE Finals

            With the latest scores and rankings known now, it’s going to be very exciting Finals this week! Not only between the 1st and 2nd place, but most certainly for the places 3 until 6! Also at the places 7 until 12 changes are still possible. All in all a competition worth visiting and supporting your […]

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            DCE Renews Strategic Partnership With DCI

            Drum Corps Europe is pleased to announce their renewed strategic partnership with Drum Corps International. The contract was signed during the DCI World Championships in Indianapolis last month. DCE is looking forward to a close cooperation with DCI to exchange ideas and solutions for common topics and developments.

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            2019 European Music Games Finals Sections 113 And 114 Sold Out

            Ticket sales for the European Music Games Finals is now well in motion! The sections 113 and 114 are sold out and section 314 is well on his way. Now is the right time to ensure the best seats, so book your tickets now! Tickets are available at www.drumcorpseurope.org/tickets Groups from 25 persons on, will […]

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            New 2019 DCE Championships Package Deals, Program Book

            Drum Corps Europe has blocked 165 hotel rooms in Enschede. In order to give fans more choice in booking them, Drum Corps Europe introduces new package deals: hotel room + premium seat single hotel rooms (without a ticket) The package deals are available now.

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            Liberty Are Youth Champions At IMG Nottingham

            Liberty have started their season a little earlier this year. The corps took part in the Indoor Music Games competition held last weekend at Trinity School in Nottingham. Liberty performed their opener “The Impossible Dream” and the percussion feature “Construction” from their 2019 show “The American Dream”. The show opens with a group of European […]

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            The ‘Friday-For-Finals’

            It was September 25, 2004 when I experienced my first DCE Finals with Jubal. I remember how special Finals Week was, how you all get to the Saturday. The ‘Friday-for-Finals’ is always a magical moment. The moment in the season where the music matches, the guard is the cleanest of the whole season and where […]

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            Starriders 2018 DCE Championships Tickets

            As in previous years, STARRIDERS again reserved a contingent of tickets for the European Music Games on 29.09.2018 at the Parkstad Limburg Stadium in Kerkrade. The tickets can be ordered now at news [at] starriders [dot] de . All seats are in block A and the price per ticket is 32,50 Euro. Read the rest […]

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            Tickets For 2018 DCE Finals In Kerkrade

            Also this year we have reserved tickets for the European Music Games in the Parkstad Limburg Stadium in Kerkrade, which you can order from us now. Block A Card 32,50 € Card + Bus 52,00 € An email to management @ showbandrastede .de is sufficient. Join us and support Spirit of 52 at its peak […]

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