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            广西快3开奖结果 » Drum Corps Japan You are browsing entries filed in “Drum Corps Japan”

            2009 DCJ All-Japan Championships Report

            The days building up to Japan’s largest drum corps only festival saw the threat of rain. Fortunately, the 17th annual Drum Corps Japan All-Japan Championships was full of warm sunshine. Corps from all over Japan began gathering at the Ajinomoto Stadium in Tokyo as early as 9:00am to assist in field preparations and stretch outs. […]

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            Yokohama Scouts Celebrate Twenty Years With Fourth Championship Title

            The sun shined brightly on this cold Tokyo day as Drum Corps Japan (DCJ) hosted its Annual All-Japan Championships at Ajinomoto Stadium this past Sunday. Ten ensembles from around Japan came together in this unique (for Japan) outdoor event. Adjudication for this event was a joint collaboration between Drum Corps Japan and Drum Corps International. […]

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            2009 Drum Corps Japan Championships

            The 2009 Drum Corps Japan Championships will take place at the Ajinomoto Stadium on Sunday 11th January. Eight corps (Division I and Division II) will enter the field. The participating corps are Sonic Lancers, Cherry Blossoms, Phoenix Regiment, Tokyo Phoenix (Division II), the Jokers, the Yokohama Scouts and the Yokohama Inspires (Division I). It will […]

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            2008 DCJ Tokyo Open Results

            The 2008 Tokyo Open occurred on Sunday, November 2, at Ohta Stadium in Tokyo, Japan. 1. The Yokohama Scouts 33.82. Yokohama Inspires 33.33. Pride of SOKA 32.34. Tokyo Phoenix 30.85. Sonic Lancers 28.46. Cherry Blossoms 28.1

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            Drum Corps Japan Announces 2008-09 Season Schedule

            Drum Corps Japan, Japan’s sole drum & bugle corps organization, has posted its schedule for the 2008-2009 competitive season. Opening the season will be its Drum Corps Preview show at Kawasaki Kyujo (www.kawasaki-kyujyo.co.jp) in Kanagawa Prefecture, featuring six drum & bugle corps from around the Kanto (eastern) region in exhibition. On November 2, competition kicks […]

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            15 years Of Drum Corps Japan Celebrated In Tokyo

            Though the weather was threatening the day with rain, the 2007 Drum Corps Japan (DCJ) All-Japan Championships marched on without delay. Japan’s finest came together in Tokyo this past Sunday to compete for the national title. 2007 marks DCJ’s 15th anniversary as Japan’s premier marching experience. To celebrate, championships were held outside for the first […]

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            2007 Drum Corps Japan Championships Report

            Welcome广西快3开奖结果 to the 2007 Dram… I mean Drum Corps Japan Championships… whoops, someone misspelled "drum" on the championship flags. But that did not stop the seven drum and bugle corps from both east and central Japan from putting on an electrifying show for the masses. Though it was assured the name did not change, Drum […]

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            DCJ Hachioji Open Report

            The Pride of Soka Drum & Bugle Corps hosted the 2006 Drum Corps Japan (DCJ) Hachioji Open this past Saturday in Tokyo, Japan to a standing room crowd in Soka University’s Main Gymnasium. Six corps from around the Kanto Region participated in this annual event, with a special guest performance by the Soka Renaissance Vanguard […]

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            2007 DCJ Hachiozi Open Results

            1 Yokohama Inspires(Div1 Champion) 2 The Yokohama Scouts 3 Tokyo Phoenix 4 Pride of Soka 5 Cherry Blossoms(Div2 Champion) 6 Sonic Lancers Read the rest of the article (in Japanese) here.

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            No Surprises, Few Upsets At Kanto Regional

            The 41st annual Japan Marching Band & Baton Twirling Association’s Kanto Contest was held at Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan this past weekend. Over 180 units ranging from elementary school bands to independent drum corps took part in one of Japan’s oldest and largest pageantry contests for a chance at a spot in the […]

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