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            广西快3开奖结果 » Drum Corps Netherlands You are browsing entries filed in “Drum Corps Netherlands”

            Kim In DCI

            A few weeks ago I traveled to Arizona to do an audition at The Academy. I really enjoyed my first DCI adventure in 2018 with Oregon Crusaders, so I decided that I definitely wanted to go for one (or more) summers. The choice for The Academy was made fairly quickly, because a number of staff […]

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            Marjon In DCI

            Last summer I played the trumpet at the Sacramento Mandarins, a DCI corps from Sacramento, California. This year I will also be on the road for three months with this corps. When I started in 2007 at Johan Friso I soon discovered the existence of DCI. By the rise of YouTube and the fact that […]

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            A Nice Day For Slag & Vlag

            On Saturday, February 1, a number of members of Slag & Vlag visited the Zeeland locations of Philadelhia to show what exactly they are doing and to give a performance at each location. The group gathered early on at the Philadelphia location in Dauwendale. After this, in addition to location in Middelburg, also locations in […]

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            Slag & Vlag On Tour

            On Saturday 1 February we will travel throughout Zeeland with Juliana Slag & Vlag to visit locations in Philadelphia to introduce residents and residents to music and dance. We are really looking forward to it! Do you want to know more about Juliana Slag & Vlag? Send an e-mail to info [at] juliana [dot] org […]

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            Juliana 广西快3开奖结果 Season

            Juliana will no longer do a field show in 广西快3开奖结果. After many conversations with members and staff, it turned out that there is too little capacity within the association to bring a drum corps show to the field. In recent years it has become increasingly difficult to get enough members to bring a show to the level […]

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            Order Donuts And Apple Fritters From Juliana

            You’re not going to stand in line for your donuts and apple fritters? No, oh, you can order a lot better at Juliana. We deliver directly via Bliek Meesterbakkers and they also come 广西快3开奖结果 for FREE on December 31! Do not stand in the cold, but just delivered to your house. We do this in […]

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            Music Kids Information Evening November 30

            On November 30 there is an introductory evening of Music Kids. Music lessons for children from 7 years. Do you want to dance, drum or blow? Then come by and meet Music Kids. Free Music lessons in Zeeland is for everyone. More information? Mail to musickids [at] juliana [dot] org Read the rest of the […]

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            Juliana Flag & Battle: Second Information Evening

            The previous information evening was a great success. Nearly 30 people came to see and participate. That is why we decided to hold an information evening. Would you like to make music together, play on drums or dance with a flag? This may sound complicated, but it is not. The goal is to have fun […]

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            Juliana Concert Evening On 3 November

            We are 85 years old and that is why on November 3 we will hold a concert evening in the concert & auditorium in Middelburg. It will be an evening full of music from all parts of the club. An evening-filling program not to be missed! Tickets cost € 8.50 and can be ordered via […]

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            Juliana Flag & Battle

            Starting in January, Juliana will start a special project for people with an (intellectual) disability. Juliana Flag & Battle is an opportunity for these people to come into contact with music and dance. Together with other parties, such as Philadelphia , Arduin and Color Guard Netherlands we have had a successful first evening where no […]

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