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            广西快3开奖结果 » S.A. Field Band Foundation You are browsing entries filed in “S.A. Field Band Foundation”

            Field Band Foundation COVID-19 Communique

            The Field Band Foundation is completely and proudly aligned to the principles and intentions of the President’s call for a lock-down from tonight until 16 April. The primary focus of our preparations has been the securing of our assets: our young community project leaders who are the agents of change in their communities. Read the […]

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            Field Band Foundation Statement On The Corona Virus Pandemic

            The Field Band Foundation responds to the President’s call for cooperation and solidarity as South Africa faces the challenges of the Corona Virus. We are committed to taking responsible and positive actions to endorse the call for good prevention behavior. All band rehearsals and planned educational activities will be on pause from 16 – 30 […]

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            South African Field Band Foundation Youth Month Celebrations

            The FBF creates opportunities for the development and self-empowerment of young South Africans through participation in music, dance and active citizenship. As a way of paying homage to the youth of 1976, we will be hosting 26 performances by FBF bands that will take place in their communities, with street parades in seven of the […]

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            Field Band Foundation Human Rights Day

            This year’s Human Rights Day fills the FBF with awe, determination and pride. We are inspired by how far we’ve come as a nation from the atrocities at Sharpsville to the current state of unification under the rich cultural tapestry that is today. We are determined to be part of the force which furthers the […]

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            Field Band Foundation Creating Employment Opportunities

            Through the joyful and transformational power of music, the Field Band Foundation (FBF) aims to prepare self-confident youth to contribute to society in meaningful ways. The combination of our advantageous presence and platform which engage over 6000 youth in over 23 communities and the current unemployment rate, presents a unique opportunity to affect change at […]

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            FBF Plus Project

            It is the beginning of the year, which means a lot of new projects ahead for PULSE! In preparation for a new round of Educational Band Visits, PULSE is now developing the educational material for 2019. In regards to the development of new material, FBF and PULSE can happily announce that they received generous funding […]

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            A Ronnie Lubner Tribute

            The Field Band Foundation (FBF) joined close family, friends and business associates of the late Mr. Ronnie Lubner for a memorial service held on Thursday, 17 January 2019 at the Houghton Golf Club. The service began with a heartfelt performance from the Field Band followed by tributes from family and friends. Ronnie Lubner, passed away […]

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            The Field Band Foundation 20th Birthday

            The Field Band Foundation celebrated its 20th birthday with a formal dinner on Thursday 26th October 2017. Held at the Gordon Institute of Business Science, the gathering had FBF director Nonceba Lushaba as MC, and brought together key partners of the FBF’s work, Foundation directors, senior management, and representatives of FBF operations. Keynote speaker was […]

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            20 Years – Fit For Purpose (F4P)

            This year sees the Field Band Foundation’s 20th anniversary, celebrating the Foundation’s highly positive impact and far developmental reach, while highlighting our readiness for the next era. This readiness is called the FBF Fit for Purpose (F4P) journey. It uses lessons learned over two decades that allow the Foundation to make a step-change in priorities […]

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            SA’s Top 10 Field Bands Live In Parys

            Celebrate the Field Band Foundation’s 20th year, and enjoy spectacular 15-minute performances by SA’s top 10 Field Bands… Read the rest of the article here.

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