广西快3开奖结果ForumMainhttps://www./forums/index.php?/rss/1-forummain.xml/DCP Forums Primaryen广西快3开奖结果If Current DCI Model Gets Cut Back........ will they come... Let us say 2021 there is a DCI season. But due to expenses and lost 广西快3开奖结果 revenues Corps (some/many/most) cut back on touring, instructors, etc. Will younger people still want to join a corps like before? Will we still see hundreds come out like before? And if some corps can still do full tour, will people just try out for those corps and stay 广西快3开奖结果 if they don’t make it? As a wild card how much will the economy and money losses in 广西快3开奖结果 affect people trying out for corps?Fri, 10 Apr 广西快3开奖结果 18:31:56 +0000广西快3开奖结果WDCHOF Member Jack Pratt PassesJohn S. “Jack” Pratt, one of the most prolific percussion writers in the drum and bugle corps community, passed away early Monday, April 6 广西快3开奖结果 from advanced stages of Alzheimer’s disease. He had also undergone triple-bypass heart surgery in December 2000. Because of the effects of the current corona virus pandemic, family members are not […] View the full articleFri, 10 Apr 广西快3开奖结果 00:00:09 +0000广西快3开奖结果Now Accepting Nominations To The Colts Hall Of FameThe Colts are now accepting nominations for the Hall Of Fame Class of 广西快3开奖结果! Any member of the public may nominate an individual for induction into the Colts Hall of Fame by submitting a letter describing the reasons their nominee should be considered, along with a brief description of the role and history of contributions […] View the full articleThu, 09 Apr 广西快3开奖结果 23:55:12 +0000广西快3开奖结果In The News – Canton Bluecoats Face Uncertainty After DCI Season CanceledIt was one of the hardest and most emotional phone calls Mike Scott has made. With about 300 Canton Bluecoat corps members, staff and family on the call, the organization’s chief executive officer delivered the season-ending news. Drums Corps International had canceled the 广西快3开奖结果 summer tour. Read the rest of the article here. View the full articleThu, 09 Apr 广西快3开奖结果 23:50:16 +0000广西快3开奖结果Watching Corps while Indoors?Short enough and made it rhyme 😥 Simple question if you are watching drum corps to kill time while sheltering in place what have you seen or what do you plan to see? Since I upgraded to a bigger screen to help my old eyes I have been digging on shows from my era (1970/1980s) from dvds I collected over the years. Next up will be before my time mainly 1967 American Legion and CYO (thank you DCW). Just hope the larger screen and better resolution doesn’t show the problems with the picture quality too much. When you convert ancient tape to dvd you get this. And in honor of my old corps 100th anniversary concert that was supposed to have been last weekend.... crank up Alumni Spectacular (DCA weekend) or vids of previous concerts they were in. Already watched parts of a parade they did last yearThu, 09 Apr 广西快3开奖结果 18:32:54 +0000广西快3开奖结果Sharing a Marching MemoryHello everyone! I am pretty sure a lot of these threads have been done through out the years, but considering the circumstances and frankly I had a pretty bad day... I felt it to be a great idea to start a thread about our favorite marching memories in DCI. These are pressing times and I think it a great idea to spread some amazing, hilarious, and awesome stories. I do apologize ahead of time if I am posting this in the wrong part of DCP, but considering the season has been cancelled I thought... well, why not post it here? Anyways, I am going to share my favorite marching memory from high school and I hope y'all can join in so we can all mask in the nostalgia train. My freshmen year in high school was awful in terms of marching. It was the worst in my schools history and our rivals just destroyed us! I remember after that season I told myself that I would NOT march that poorly ever again! When my sophomore year approached I actually jogged and built up my stamina, practiced scales, and made sure I stayed hydrated (I have never fainted... ever). I remember my director said "Guys, we placed last in every show last season and got our first 2 rating at UIL in school history. I do not want that to happen again! It is up to YOU to make it better! Let's make it great!"... this got the band together and we were focused. We marched at a BOA show and we were hopeful to make finals, but we didn't sadly. We ended up going back to perform at a football again against Westfield... It was a great football game! Anyway, we didn't like that we did not perform at our best so we kept cleaning and adding to the show. When UIL came a long we were determined to get straight ones and wow those judges... and we did! It so happened to be a UIL State year so we qualified to perform at Area in Galena Park, Texas. So we kept cleaning and perfecting what we could, while our marching was noooooot so great, I admit that it wasn't the worst it's been and our music book was REALLY good... We cleaned up that music like no other! So that Saturday came along and we were focused. We. Wanted. To. Make. Finals! I remember getting on that bus and it was pretty silent for most of that trip. I did play Mario Kart on my DS lite with the guys, but when we were about 30 minutes away from the stadium we stopped playing and started to focus on what was about to happen. We got there, had an amazing warm up block, and we went to the gate. I remember watching the band performing in front of us, the crowd, and my general thoughts running through my head. After my mind settled a bit I said to everyone "Guys, look at the band performing in front of us and look at the crowd.... we are about to shock them". When we were allowed on the field we stood there for what felt like an eternity! Once we started there was obviously no turning back (obviously). The crowd was silent and observant, the opener was performed pretty darn good and we went on to the ballad. My older brother nailed his clarinet solo and our musical performance of that piece was beautifully done. Once the closer started I remember taking a breath and told myself "alright Hook'em give'em what you got. For your friends, family, and for pride of my school". We got the fans on their feet yelling and cheering for us a few times in that closer! At the end of the show we brushed our shoulders and that REALLY got the crowd going. I almost broke from attention to ball my eyes out! It was the best feeling on the planet! After marching off the field we ran to our buses with grins and pure joy! Our director grouped us up and said "What you all did today was amazing! I don't care if you make finals tonight because in my eyes you just did"! After packing up we ran directly to the stadium to find a seat so we can hear who made finals. They announced in alphabetical order and to no surprise Klein High was in finals, but then the announcer said "Klein......(actually it was a pretty decent pause) Forest"!!!! We lost our minds! We did it :). This was actually the only time I have ever performed in finals... we placed 16th in marching, 3rd in music and finished 8th overall in prelims. It was the greatest marching moment of my life and this is actually my favorite show. The show is actually on youtube lol if you type in Klein Forest 2006 Afrofluence it will pop up and if you choose to watch I hope you ALL enjoy it! I also know I have shared this story a few times, but... hey it is my favorite! Now that being said, I know most have posted SOMETHING about donations, but I wanted to let y'all that I plan to donate to The Cavaliers, Santa Clara Vanguard, Phantom Regiment, The Cadets, and buy some merch as soon as things settle down. By God I want to see some shows next season! Anyway, I hope a few of y'all share some of your stories and I look forward to reading them! Splooie!Thu, 09 Apr 广西快3开奖结果 02:16:24 +0000广西快3开奖结果Broadway: The Show Must Go On.For those who may not be aware of some free Broadway shows. Joseph's Magic Coat was last Friday. JCS is this Friday for 48 hours. https://www.slashfilm.com/the-shows-must-go-on/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GpO4ohqx3osWed, 08 Apr 广西快3开奖结果 17:39:24 +0000广西快3开奖结果Wouldn't It Be Nice.....If DCI put out recordings for us to hear from the 1970's and 1980's? What a grand gesture that would be!!!! Just saying!Wed, 08 Apr 广西快3开奖结果 15:49:37 +0000广西快3开奖结果Media Musical Announcement‘The Shows Must Go On’ YouTube Channel Will Give You Free Andrew Lloyd Webber Musicals Posted on Monday, April 6th, 广西快3开奖结果 by Chris Evangelista https://www.slashfilm.com/the-shows-must-go-on/ If you're missing some fine musical entertainment, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Universal Studio's have teamed up to air some of Mr. Webber's musicals for "FREE". Are you missing seeing musicals on the big stage? Well, here’s the next best thing: a YouTube Channel. Okay, look, watching something on YouTube isn’t going to really compare to the theatre experience, but we all have to make do with what we have. In an attempt to bring a West End and Broadway experience to viewers, here comes The Shows Must Go On YouTube Channel, which features free productions of some of Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals. We can only hope this is all building towards Cats. Andrew Lloyd Webber's Official Announcement | The Shows Must Go On - Stay 广西快3开奖结果 1,197,454 views•Apr 2, 广西快3开奖结果 Youtube Channel: The Shows Must Go On! Above you can find a very casual looking Andrew Lloyd Webber introducing The Shows Must Go On YouTube Channel, which hopes to provide “theatre lovers with a West End and Broadway experience in their own 广西快3开奖结果s, online for free.” Each show drops weekly at 11:00 A.M. PST/2:oo P.M. EST for a limited 48-hour period online – no charge or sign up required – giving fans of musical theatre an opportunity to enjoy beloved shows, from their living rooms. So you better watch them when posted because they will not be repeated when they expire. Future productions will be announced soon. Webber has a ton of hits to choose from: Phantom of the Opera, Evita, and of course, Cats, just to name a few. In addition to the full-length shows, there will also be “clips of famous performances and behind-the-scenes footage will be uploaded regularly to the channel, so fans can continue to get their theatre fix at 广西快3开奖结果.” And while this is all free, you could also make a charitable donation to the organizations listed on the channel, which include Acting for Others, Broadway Cares and Actors Benevolent Fund. It would be a nice thing to do! If you can afford it. Last Friday April 3, 广西快3开奖结果, aired the 2000 adaptation of Webber’s Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, starring Donny Osmond, Maria Friedman, Richard Attenborough, and Joan Collins. Next up this Friday, April 10, 广西快3开奖结果 Jesus Christ Superstar, the arena production featuring Tim Minchin, Melanie C, and Chris Moyles will air. Donation Links: Donate to these worthwhile arts causes; UK: http://actingforothers.co.uk/ US: https://broadwaycares.org/ Australia: https://www.actorsbenevolentfund.org.au/ Enjoy!Wed, 08 Apr 广西快3开奖结果 02:53:47 +0000广西快3开奖结果1980 VideoHello. Would anyone have videos of non finalist corps from 1980? I've seen Blue Stars, Troopers, Seattle Imperials and Freelancers. How about some other corps?? Thank you. Hope everyone is safe during this pandemic.Tue, 07 Apr 广西快3开奖结果 18:26:21 +0000广西快3开奖结果Jack Pratt, one of the greats of rudimental drummingSad to say that one of the all-time greats of rudimental drumming, Jack Pratt, passed away on 4/6/广西快3开奖结果. He and I worked together with the GSC corps the King's Regiment in 1977. I spent many an afternoon at his 广西快3开奖结果 in Hawthorne as we put together the percussion show for the corps. He had the most amazing collection of LP's of classical music I ever saw. He also was a collector of old comics before it became a "thing". He had many of the early Superman, Batman, etc...I think his master's thesis was on comic books and the war effort of WWII. Jack was a character, and one of the best people I ever had the honor of knowing.Tue, 07 Apr 广西快3开奖结果 04:50:46 +0000广西快3开奖结果In The News – Students Aging Out Of Cancelled Marching Band Competition Given Second ChanceHundreds of the country广西快3开奖结果’s best marching band members won’t get the chance to show off this year despite having already been preparing for months. COVID-19 brought the Drum Corps International competition to a halt, and for some, they may never get the chance to play in it again. Read the rest of the article here. View the full articleMon, 06 Apr 广西快3开奖结果 22:18:50 +0000广西快3开奖结果It's been two yearstwo years ago today, the link below shared the article that rocked the drum corps world. while we know rumors of past abuses and abusers abound...and we aren't going into that...but is DCI safer and better run in regards to this?Mon, 06 Apr 广西快3开奖结果 05:07:46 +0000广西快3开奖结果Thoughts From Phantom Regiment MembersAfter the devastating announcement last week that the 广西快3开奖结果 drum corps season had been canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we reached out to a few members to hear what they thought of the situation. Here’s what they had to say; “This summer would have been my 5th and final summer with my Phamily. I […] View the full articleMon, 06 Apr 广西快3开奖结果 01:14:56 +0000广西快3开奖结果The 1990 ThreadI hope you enjoyed the 89 Thread. 1990 was an amazing year for DCI. Lots of change and innovation. If I'm not mistaken, this was the first year for three-valve bugles in the soprano line. Highlights of the year for me include: Cadets and their haunting emotional presentation of 'Somewhere...' Star of Indiana... 'Praise ye!' (the Gods of brass!) BD changing their game and rocking (although their Pinball Wizard swung hard.) That baritone line of SCV. Monsters. When I think of a DCI bari/euph line, that's what I think of. Crossmen big step up with a fresh, coherent, balanced show - and that drumline... Madison, 'Remembrance' Dutch Boy, the first Canadian corps in finals. And so much more! First place didn't seem especially controversial. Cadets were a strong corps across all captions. I give you 1990!Sat, 04 Apr 广西快3开奖结果 16:22:14 +0000广西快3开奖结果Blue Knights Alumni Spotlight: Tracy AvilaName: Tracy Avila What year(s) did you march in the Blue Knights? 1988-1990 , 2018 Alumni Corps What section? 1988 Cymbals 1989-1990 Front Ensemble Read the rest of the article here. View the full articleSat, 04 Apr 广西快3开奖结果 01:06:52 +0000广西快3开奖结果Help The Cavaliers March On Through The Years广西快3开奖结果 is the 72nd year of The Cavaliers existence. That existence and the momentum we have worked so hard to achieve is now threatened by the COVID-19 virus and the cancellation of the 广西快3开奖结果 DCI season. The administration and the Board of Directors have enacted a plan to significantly reduce operating expenses but those actions […] View the full articleFri, 03 Apr 广西快3开奖结果 01:36:43 +0000广西快3开奖结果Glassmen Cadences from 03 and 05Long shot here, I am wondering if it’s even possible to find recordings of their cadences from 2003 and the Snoop cadence from 2005. Thank you!Thu, 02 Apr 广西快3开奖结果 08:51:47 +0000广西快3开奖结果广西快3开奖结果 White Sabers Virtual April CampThe White Sabers are excited to continue furthering our members’ performance abilities virtually! All members or prospective members can now submit videos for feedback from our staff. We welcome all to participate in our Virtual April Camp and we look forward to helping you hone your craft. Read the rest of the article here. View the full articleThu, 02 Apr 广西快3开奖结果 00:21:18 +0000广西快3开奖结果Liberty 广西快3开奖结果/21 Show AnnouncementLiberty are excited to announce our 广西快3开奖结果/21 show – The Orphan. The challenging circumstances we are all in has seen so many competitions and performances cancelled….and so we felt we needed to do something POSITIVE….and so we want to tell everyone about our show! Whilst we aren’t sure when we will actually get to perform […] View the full articleThu, 02 Apr 广西快3开奖结果 00:20:30 +0000广西快3开奖结果Not Necessarily Drum Corps - Female DrummersIn my previous post: Not Necessarily Drum Corps - Female Brass Players March 10 in DCI World Class Corps Discussions https://www./forums/index.php?/topic/172653-not-necessarily-drum-corps-female-brass-players/#comments I linked to videos of some very talented "Brass Players" There also is no shortage of amazing female drummers. I present to you for your enjoyment: Not Necessarily Drum Corps - Female Drummers Here are some very talented women playing the drums posted by Cameron Ferguson. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jUu9eqNn1A0 Time Stamp: Anika Nilles 0:00 Senri Kawaguchi 0:46 Emmanuel Caplette 1:31 Brooke C 2:23 Kristina Schiano 3:00 Bebop Ayeon 3:27 Meytal Cohen 3:50 Lindsey Ward 4:15 Hannah Ford 4:47 Hani Hamadhany 5:27 Helen De La Rosa Odacoca 5:55 Mia Kayleigh 6:32 Devikah 7:07 Yubin 7:59 Elise Trouw 8:27 Karen Carpenter 9:10 Gina Shock 10:01 Kimberly Thompson 10:53 Cindy Blackman 12:12 Vera Figueiredo 13:00 Queen Cora 13:45 Nikkie Glaspie 14:21 Marilyn Mazur 15:01 Hillary Jones 16:01 Athena Kottak (Lee) 17:05 Jen Ledger 17:44 Roxy Petrucci 18:04 Carla Azar 18:32 Sandy White 19:00 Meg White 19:26 Shiela E. 20:05 Here are some more that are not featured in the video that you need to check out. AP Tobler Everlong - Foo Fighters Drum Cover / AP Tobler / 2017 Hit Like a Girl Finalist and Popular Winner https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PzNW8eGqmZU Caitlin Kalafus Zildjian Sound Legacy - Caitlin Kalafus https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=izGnT_otHNo Evelyn Glennie Evelyn Glennie improvisation on Drums https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BB4Luctf560 Faith Benson Faith Benson Performing "Baby Games" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oMh3V5cnqrs Camille Bigeault Camille Bigeault's Polyrhythms https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FM5IU7P84SwWed, 01 Apr 广西快3开奖结果 13:58:47 +0000广西快3开奖结果Help finding a videoDoes anyone know where I can find old Bluecoats summer tour videos? I’m specifically looking for one called the edge from 2010 or 2011. It starts out with someone saying There was a class. A group of people much like ourselves. And then it tells a story about how they jump off the cliff and everyone flew. Thanks for the help!!Tue, 31 Mar 广西快3开奖结果 16:50:11 +0000广西快3开奖结果Columbus Saints End Of 广西快3开奖结果 Competitive Season COVID-19In line with the decision made by Drum Corps International, and Drum Corps Associates, the Columbus Saints Performing Arts Inc is ending all competitive activities for the season. Public health restrictions permitting, we will reorganize to welcome all performers to participate in any potential late summer parades as a way to bring the community together […] View the full articleMon, 30 Mar 广西快3开奖结果 23:23:49 +0000广西快3开奖结果Help Blue Knights March On To 2021Events we could never imagine, until it became real. This was a devastating blow to our members AND to the financial stability of Ascend Performing Arts. All major funding sources such as Drums Along the Rockies, performance fees, and Bingo games have been canceled or suspended (learn more about how Ascend is responding to this […] View the full articleMon, 30 Mar 广西快3开奖结果 23:08:29 +0000广西快3开奖结果广西快3开奖结果 DCA Tour Cancellation Corps AnnouncementsAs with the DCI corps, we are compiling the 广西快3开奖结果 Drum Corps Associates tour cancellation announcements into a single article for easy access and reference. Cincinnati Tradition Columbus Saints Fusion Core Hawthorne Caballeros Reading Buccaneers White Sabers View the full articleMon, 30 Mar 广西快3开奖结果 23:06:39 +0000