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            广西快3开奖结果 » DCN You are browsing entries tagged with “DCN”

            Box Center Episode 2011-06

            DCP Box-Center Podcast Image

            Episode 2011-06 of the Drum Corps Planet Box Center Podcast is now ready for download! Join Managing News Editor Kevin Gamin as he looks at major 2011 program announcements, a new DCA corps from YEA!, the start of ticket sales for the 2011 DCE Championships, and more! Show notes

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            Back And Forth For Beatrix Drum Line

            Last September, Beatrix’ Drum & Bugle Corps? drumline won the Best Percussion caption award. It was won in both the Dutch DCN Championship and the European DCE Championships. To win it is one step; the art is in keeping it. Every season the drumline starts the season by going back to basics. This year is […]

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            Beatrix Member Robin Strijker In The Media

            Last week Noord-Holland was surprised by one of Beatrix? trumpet players. A large article was published in the regional ?Noordhollands Dagblad? newspaper. A journalist of the Noordhollands Dagblad approached Robin Strijker for an interview in the daily newspaper. We want to thank Robin as well as the Noordhollands Dagblad for publishing the interview. This is […]

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            Beatrix Chooses Deuts Reizen Bus 广西快3开奖结果

            For some decades Beatrix? has travelled with busses from ?Streef Reizen?. Starting this season, the corps will be travelling with Deuts Reizen, a company based in Hilversum. Every few years an evaluation takes place to see whether there is a bus company that matches the wishes of the corps. After a thorough search we have […]

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            DCN Announces 2011 Contest Venues

            Drum Corps Netherlands has announced the contest venues for the upcoming season. The Dutch drum corps contests will be held in Arnemuiden (Middelburg), Huizen and Dordrecht. The start of the season will take place in Arnemuiden, near Middelburg, on Saturday 28th May. The second contest will take place in Huizen on 25th June. Although the […]

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            2011 Beatrix Still Has Open Brass Spots

            We need YOU! After a good and successful first part of the winter season, Beatrix’ hornline will make a start on the music of the 2011 show: ?City of Angels?. Every section of the hornline still has some spots that can be filled. Do you play trumpet, mellophone, baritone or contra, come and march this […]

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            Joosse New Drum Major For Juliana

            Juliana Drum & Bugle Corps from Middelburg will have a new drum major for the next season. Donald Joosse will lead the current Dutch champions in 2011. Donald Joosse started his drum corps career at Johan Friso, has been playing the trumpet for years and sees the role of drum major as a new challenge. […]

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            Jubal’s Centenary Year Has Started

            A cracking display of fireworks in front of the JMC corps 广西快3开奖结果 started off Jubal’s Centenary year of 2011 in spectacular fashion. About one hundred Jubal members came to the corps 广西快3开奖结果 on New Year’s Eve for a big celebration. At midnight, the Jubal members were treated to a spectacular display of fireworks which incorporated […]

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            Last 2010 Beatrix Brass Concert

            On Christmas eve, December 24th, the last (Christmas) concert by Beatrix Brass took place outside the old Catholic church at the Melkpad in Hilversum. Over the years, it has become a tradition to give away a Christmas eve concert at this pleasant venue; a special location with a unique atmosphere. The setting was a truly […]

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            New Beatrix Corps Director

            Since October the vacancy for Corps Director of Beatrix? has been filled. The members were happily and surprised when it was announced that Constant Labrie is the new Corps Director for Beatrix? Drum & Bugle Corps. Constant Labrie is well known at Beatrix?. When he was seven he started as a member of the percussion […]

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